About This Website. (And Me.)

So you may be wondering why I've built this website, where the domain name has came from or maybe you just want to know what I had for breakfast. I've always had a passion for Computer Games, ever since I was a wee boy and I was using my parents' computer to play the CDs you would get in Cereal Boxes. From there I went through every generation of consoles anticipating the latest releases from Pokemon Red Version to Grand Theft Auto V. This has since led me into studying Computer Game Technology at University.

Most of the time I have spent coding in either my spare time or at Uni I have found myself using C++ and OpenGL 3 for quite alot of my projects, so this is my best honed skill when it comes to programming. I have also used Java, Javascript and HTML to varying degrees. In my own spare time I have taught myself how to use Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, Cinema4D, Sony Vegas, After Effects CS6 and GameMaker which are a great help when it comes to making any project I undertake more professional. GameMaker was very useful when I was just starting out in programming as it helped me to understand all the roles that take place in the development of a game and let me get a taste of each role. I find making "Indie" Games like that a lot of fun.

In my time in and out of Uni I have managed to learn a good chunk about Object Orientated Development, 2D Graphics Programming, Interactive Physics & Modelling of Real Life Objects, Game Engine Design, Basic & Advanced 3D Graphics Rendering Techniques (3D Collision, Skyboxes, 3D Cameras, Particle Systems, Multiple Light Sources etc). I have a detailed list of the projects that I have started or completed on the Portfolio Page.

P.S. I had Sugar Puffs, they're greeaaaatttt! Aww damn, wrong Cereal.

P.P.S The Domain Name comes from my online Pseudonym that I've used for years and created a fake company name and logo to make some of my projects feel more professional, such as being able to add a splash screen.

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